RigManager Public Preview: Monitoring your Crypto Mining Rigs

When I first started crypto mining I knew I had to track the effectiveness of my rigs (hosts).  Data like hashrate, power consumed and temperature in addition to algorithms used and the value of the coins’ block rewards are all essential in selecting a strategy to maximize profitability.  To facilitate this data tracking I used some scripts and a hack of web data submission techniques that I’ve been using for years to capture and store data.

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As mentioned in my article back from January most of my recent mining has been with GPUs.  They aren’t as fast as FPGAs or ASICs but they’re super flexible and tend to hold in resale value.  To help facilitate this flexibility I’ve been using MultiPoolMiner which does automatic analysis, pool, algorithm and miner switching to pick a more profitable approach however recently they made some changes that broke some of the scripts I wrote for monitoring.

Rather than simply fix the scripts I figured I was due for an update to the monitoring platform anyway as it really wasn’t very fit for purpose.  Taking this one step further I figured I should write a platform others can make use of which I’m making available to a limited number of you, my dear readers as a public preview:


Now please do bear in mind that setup does take some technical knowledge, mostly scripting on your mining rigs to get them reporting (we’ve included some documentation on the site to get you started).  We are also hoping to get some feedback from you all on the core functionality (or if you identify any bugs).  The feedback we’re most interested in at this stage is functional feedback – does stuff work and fulfill the most important requirements?  Aesthetic feedback is nice too, but not top priority at this stage and will hopefully come at a later date.

Please go test it out (signing up should be self explanatory), if you’ve got any issues or suggestions you can comment here or post them to this subreddit:


Have fun,

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2 years ago

Извините! Пишу на русском языке!
не могу посетить ваш сайт: https://www.rigmanager.xyz
могли бы Вы помочь мне в поисках программы для майнинга на FPGA?

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