Staying motivated is one of the most difficult skills we all need to acquire. The flow of things goes as such: something  inspires us,  we plan the hell out of how we are going to achieve the goal set in mind by the inspiration and as the day comes closer when we need to take action our fire has fizzled out to ashes and remains there inside of us as yet another thing we didn’t follow through with. I’ve been there many time. I have logged countless “Day 1” pictures of my attempts at weight loss.  I have had so many ideas for inventions and businesses but never acted on them.  If i did, I would get half way and decide that it wouldn’t sell anyway so i’ll stop here. Many people will rifle off all the reasons why this is normal and how it happens to everyone or that it wasn’t meant’t to be. That’s crap! The truth of the matter is that  any of my past failed goals could have made me financially free if i only would have stuck with them. I mean, if a guy can make millions off of selling pet rocks, any other idea is worth pursuing and seeing through till the end.

So what stopped me? Why did i quit? Why do we all quit? You see it was difficult to see it at first because I never announced or declared an end to my diets or working out, or giving up on a business. I couldn’t understand at what point things went south. All I could see was that i was doing stuff a few days and then i just wasn’t. So i decided to start something and pay close attention to what happens to us when we begin something and don’t see it through till the end. We lose motivation. I know it sounds simple and basic but it that’s what happens. Most human beings walk along a path they’ve created. We have our routines and rituals and friends and family and we create an existence that is predictable because it’s safe and we like to know what’s coming. But every once in a while we become inspired and that inspiration gives us a good feeling A feeling so good that it gets us day dreaming about a new life we can create for ourselves by starting a business or changing our bodies. That good feeling  is called motivation.

Motivation is essential throughout our entire lives but even more so when starting a business. It drives you forward and gets your mind going and your hands working. It’s a beautiful feeling and  you can have this feeling on a regular basis. You can tap into this powerful source of energy whenever you want and you should! You see, the moment you lose motivation you begin to doubt.  You doubt yourself and your ideas and soon, if you do not combat this doubt, it takes over.  That doubt reminds you that things are fine the way the are and you don’t need to change or do anything and risk messing this safe and predictable life up.  Your risk vs reward scales tips to high risk and little reward so you regress back into your life and forget about change because change is now too risky.

Here’s the thing though. It only appears that way  because you’ve lost the necessary fuel to your ship of dreams. I’ve realized that i need to seek motivation everyday even  multiple times a day in order to keep moving forward. There’s nothing wrong with seeking more and more motivation. If you want to do big things you need lots of motivation. We live in a society that pressures us to do everything on our own or else it doesn’t count. We’re shown that It’s cheating or not a true achievement if you had help. That’s crap. Almost every famous or successful person got to where they are with loads of support and help from  people around them. It’s ok to get help folks. Oh and by the way, ask for help before  things get too bad. Seek out to find things that motivate you. Songs, quotes,  speeches, movie lines, poems, youtube videos etc. on a daily basis. I cannot emphasize that enough. Every day you need to be on the hunt for motivation in order to achieve your goals. You have to understand that when you’re starting a business or trying to lose weight you’re really trying to change your life. You must grasp the magnitude of this undertaking and seek to fill yourself with enough motivation to fuel the expedition. We all have the same 24 hrs in a day. Spend some of it keeping yourself motivated and you’ll be able to get the most out of every remaining hour.  Every day is an opportunity to defeat the man from yesterday. Go out there and create a beautiful life a day at a time.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence therefore is not an act but a habit.”  -Unknown

” Fitness is not about being better than someone’s about being better than you used to be” -Brett Hoebel

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