How to start your online buisness using social media.

Trying to save a dollar is no foreign subject to many Americans these days. Especially today with the cost of living surging from coast to coast. We all feel the pinch. As a stay at mom of 2 children under the age of three, I wanted to find a way to contribute to my family’s income without my kids ever missing me. I ‘m highschool drop out; was about to start my own business using social media. In my business venture i have learned that anyone can do start a business with social media using these simple steps; Target your market, create your own advertising platform, and set up a simple payment method. All of these subjects have layers to them so I’m going to try be as concise as i can in order to make this post a simple 15 min read. After all in this day in age, time is your most valuable currency.

Targeting your market might be the most important step in my opinion. It’s impossible to sell mirrors to the blind. In order to find your market you need to take a good look at your product. Ask your self who does my product help? Start generally, by finding your markets sex and age group. After finding this criteria you can get more specific. For example: if I’m selling hair conditioner for women between the ages of 18 to 45. I can ask myself, what type of women 18-45 would want a hair conditioner ? The simple answer is women who love their hair! Congratulations you’ve found your target market. It’s that simple and yet so important.

The second step requires more work. In this step we will be creating your marketing platform. Now that we know our market we need to identify what our entire market would have in common. We know they are women who take care of their hair between the ages of 18-45. We can now assume that all of these women spend time catching up on the latest hair styles and trends. Becoming the source these when go to for all things hair is how you get your market to come to you. Create a page on either Facebook or Instagram highlighting your market’s common interested. Make sure to post often, but without bombarding your market with spam. Get their attention by Posting photos and videos about your market’s interest. In order to keep your market from marking you as spam, use a ratio of content:advertisement at 7:1.

Getting your market on instagram is pretty easy compared to Facebook. There’s literally an app that, it’s called Followers analyzer. With this app you can create list of people you’d like to follow and the app will automatically add them. I plan to speak more in depth about this subject in a later post. Facebook is a little harder cause it’s a little harder to tap into your cold market. What you need to do is add everyone you know that could potentially be a customer , (also known as your warm market) and then ask them to add their friends to also add people they know who might be interested in your pages subject matter. Another way to get people to your page would be by fishing for them. I personally struggled with this one and it definitely brought me out of my comfort zone. Fishing is done by becoming extremely social. You need to constantly be adding friends to your personal page and speak to every single one of them, searching for potential customers. If your like me and don’t really like l letting people in your personal life, you can join groups and fish there. This is how social media can be used you create your marketing platform.

Most of the hard part is done now. All that’s left to do is create a means of money transfer. I personally use Facebook wallet. I really enjoy this method because it is so easy to use, has no fees, and most people have it. This service can be found in your messenger on Facebook. My second choice is Google wallet, its fast, also free, however not many people use it. The third is PayPal, almost everyone has a PayPal, however there’s a fee for using it for customers which really turns off my inner cheapo. These suggestions are just grains of sand on a beach of options. Other suggestions are venom, zoom money, phonepe, and so many more. There’s something out there for everyone’s personal dealings.

There’s alot more to understanding the inns and outs of how social media works and how to use it too your advantage. I do plan on writing more on the subject later. Feel free to email me with questions @ also check me out on Instagram @stellarbeautystuff. I look forward to hearing from you. Till then These are the basics on starting up an online business using social media. I hope this post helped take out some of the guess work and also encouraged you to believe in your self. If I can do it, you can to!

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