Live Webcast with Squirrel Labs Founder David Stanfill (GPUHoarder)

FreeLearner Live Webcast with David Stanfill (GPUHoarder), Founder of Squirrel Research Labs

Captured live Friday August 3rd at 12pm PDT (19:00 UTC) with David Stanfill, Founder of Squirrel Labs to discuss their upcoming FPGA accelerator for GPU Cryptocurrency mining!

Learn more about the Acorn FPGA GPU Accelerator

Questions Asked:

  1. What was your inspiration for the Acorn accelerators?
  2. Can you tell us about your own crypto mining endeavors and are you willing to share any detail on scale?
  3. Who will benefit the most from Acorns, small/single GPU miners or those running larger rigs?
  4. Can you describe from a technical perspective how the Acorn allows GPU miners to improve hashrates?
  5. Do they benefit certain GPU chips better than others? Why?
  6. What makes a standalone FPGA different than the Acorn?
  7. What FPGA does it use for the acorn? Can you tell us the specs?
  8. What’s the recommended ratio of Acorns to GPUs? What are the configuration options?
  9. What mining programs and strategies will be supported or benefit from the Acorns? Can we continue to mine with our existing mining applications and switching strategies or will the move to a replacement like Squirrel Miner be a requirement?
  10. How soon are you expecting the first batch to ship?
  11. Can you tell us about your company? Why the name Squirrel?
  12. After the current release can you give us a teaser for what’s next at Squirrel Research?
  13. Can you tell us about the API that you are developing? How can developers use the acorn? Will you provide a base mining algo to go off of?

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