We want to create an online community where people can come and create and consume content for self-education/development, specifically in the arena of personal independence and empowerment (i.e. living independently, financial independence, building businesses, etc.).  Think, a combination/aggregation of associated Forums, Social Media, Podcasts, YouTube, etc.  One of the first topics of course is what should we call such as place, and in general I think this is a broader topic many people face when they are looking to create a name for something new, “what should I call it?”  This article is about how we came to name this site FreeLearner

To start with I’ve got some basic criteria that I want to work with for the name, things that come to mind are:

  • A name that is a singular word (i.e. “Facebook”) or at least a concatenation of two words (i.e. “MySpace”)
  • The name should reflect the purpose/vision of the organization (learning, independence, etc.)
  • The name does not need to be a “real” word (i.e. doesn’t need to appear in the dictionary, and in fact we probably would have some level of difficulty picking something out of the dictionary given the likelihood that someone somewhere may have used said word at some point)
  • A name that people are going to remember, i.e. have some brand stickiness
  • Use a foreign language (non-English) word

As I want the name to reflect the purpose/vision of the organization the first thing I’m going to do are to brainstorm (also a silly term, maybe I’ll write about that someday) some words that align with this concept.  Words that came to mind include:

  • Educate
  • Learn
  • Universe
  • Empower
  • Agency (i.e. Human Agency, philosophical term)
  • Grit
  • Independence
  • Expedite (or Accelerate)
  • Share
  • Endeavor
  • Opportunity
  • Freedom (or Libertatem, the Latin word for freedom)
  • Grey Matter
  • Academy
  • Value

Based on these concepts we came up with a few potential names:

  • Eduverse
  • Expedicate
  • Learniverse
  • MyAgency
  • Accelicate
  • LiberDisce (from the Latin words for Freedom and Learn)
  • LiberCerebrum (from the Latin words for Freedom and Brain)

Finally we settled on FreeLearner, we liked the way it sounded ????

Our reason for “.how” versus something like a “.com” was really just about availability…damn cyber squatters.

Hope this helps as you start to brainstorm your own ideas.


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