Creating a vision and mission.

When you are first embarking on a new business venture, you should do a quick write-up of what you are trying to accomplish with the venture, in this case we are building a personal development site, although I really hate that title, that is what it is. But how do we differ from so many other sites that are so fluffy and generic? What makes us stand out? What content are we going to a produce? Will we allow affiliate articles? These are just a few of the questions that our site needs to ask, your venture may be different and will have different questions of course, but write them out!

I have had a business in an official form for about 19 years at this point, I had a few IT consultancy groups, and educational nonprofit and as a teacher/ciriculum developer. Over these years I have found a few key traits to starting a business.

  1. DON’T OVERLOAD YOURSELF – We are too quick to bog our self down with the paperwork, business structure and “businessey” things that we can extinguish our passion for why we did this in the first place by confusion. Don’t do that. Make this light and breezy. By writing this post I am edging on too much, but because this IS my business I am cheating here and doing two things at once, lucky me. Look for my future article on how I killed my wife’s business on accident by making a business plan.
  2. MAKE IT DIRT F*ING SIMPLE – Make this easy to understand and just list what you want to accomplish, make a spirit to your business. You are literally creating a new entity and after putting years of work into you will find that you love it like a child you raised. This said children start with a cry, lots and lots of crying, then some smiles (some real and some not), then some inquisitiveness, rolling, crawling and so on. You too do not have to know what your business will be like in 5, 10 or 20 years just like you don’t know what your children will be like, but you should have a playbook so that you can actually raise them the way you want them to be raised.

These two things are your mission and vision.

This first is a mission, and it is usually something simple like, “I will eat when I am hungry” and a vision is the way you perform the mission, “When eating I will choose healthy choices”.

So let’s decide how we plan to make this business, right here, right now in the raw. This article will be completely unfiltered, except grammar and spelling, ok maybe just spelling.

It is easier to start with a vision and work back to a mission, because we are humans that see with visualization. So what do we want this business to look like?

I want to create a site that has articles, videos, podcasts, and classes about freedom and independence. As an American we are taught that this is a key trait to American people, but I believe this is a key trait to people. Not Americans soley, but a worldwide trait, we all want to be the masters of our own lives and we don’t want others telling us how to do it, sure we will take advise, but we are in control of our own destiny.

I want to create a site that empowers people to make a step daily to a new prosperous life, where they can break down any barrier they have and move forward. I want this to be practical, with instruction book style how tos. There are too many sites that talk about the theory of doing something, but don’t give you a step by step guide to freedom. I want to do this, not because it is perfect, but because it is a STEP. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t take just one little step. This site will be a no-nonsense site, I want it to be meaty, and at times gritty  but with class.

I want it to encompass “most” of what life is about, but I want to stay away from politics as much as possible, unless directly related to our personal freedom journey. This is partially because I don’t want to isolate anyone, but really it is because I don’t want to deal with that bullshit. This is our site, why the hell would I want to talk about politicians?

For now I would like to see the site talk about money and finances, renewable energy, sustainability, homesteading, growing your own food, business startups, consulting, growing a business, living internationally, other cultures, how people are the same, health and wellness, and exploration and adventure.

As I list these topics, I see that not everything can be a how to, but some will need to be an article about an experience, I think that is och as I hope it will act as inspiration or just something interesting. Oh this makes a good point.

I AM NOT TRYING TO CONVERT ANYONE TO A LIFESTYLE ON THIS SITE. You have your own opinions, this is an à la carte site, use what will help you personally.

I want this information to be free as possible, but it needs to be for profit so that we can continue to pay for great content.

How long do we want this site to be up? Who knows, but let’s start with 3 years and see how we feel. If we haven’t made any traction by this point and we are done with the idea, then no worries. The reason to set a date is because building a business is hard work, like raising children. You will need to have an end goal of when you’re done so you can get your ass in gear, but also know when you can release your time. I chose 3 years, because the first 2 are where most of the growth pains happen.

OK – so we made a lot of progress rambling what we want to do. So, what is the vision? What is our spirit of the business?

We are making a site that will be a mostly free resource, that will cover financial independence, energy independence, personal sustainability, health and wellness, national independence, and exploration and adventure. I don’t have all the answers, but you may know something I don’t, become an author with us. Hmm, it’s a bit rough.

This site will do it’s best to help you on your personal freedom, financial freedom, energy independence, personal health and whichever topics helps you and your family live free. We are starting our journey, just like you, so share your experiences and let’s learn together.

That is a pretty decent vision. Doesn’t have to be perfect, it can change as we grow, it is there just to create a basic guideline. It is good though because we know we won’t be talking about graphic cards or interior design on this site.


OK now for a mission. The mission should be short and concise.

Providing the best instruction to live free, I like the idea, but isn’t solid. Plus what is “best” anyway

Quality instruction to liberate you. To vague, this could go all over the place, good and bad.

Personal growth through high quality education – bah, this is f*ing horrible. This makes my skin crawl.

Help others be free by living free yourself. Share your experience. Hmm. I like this one. This one has high accountability on it, but would limit the amount of posts we made, because we would have to live/do it first then post about it, or have others who have. Could we find enough writers on the subject? Probably. Hmm. This would not allow research and dissemination of this though.

We show you how to live free. I really like this because it encompasses first hand knowledge and second hand. It allows a full range of information and simply for the goal of living freely. Yea this is the one.


OK guys, I hope you found this to be interesting on how to make a vision and mission statement, this article was very rough, but I wanted you to see how to just get in the flow and make something, and how rough it starts out and how it gets purified over an hour or so. Now this is only my side, there are two other people involved in this, so I’ll see if we can make a color coding system to notate their thoughts, so you can see how we collaborate remotely on this topic and come up with our final draft.

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