Don’t get it perfect just get it done

How to take the first step to starting a business

The most detrimental force affecting young or new entrepreneurs is procrastination. We need to let go of the idea that our endeavor needs to be absolutely perfect before we let the world see it. We need to let go of the idea that we need to have our masterpiece complete and neat and tidy before we present it to the world. It is rare that someone will get everything perfect or right the first time. The truth is your first venture will be messy and untidy and incomplete and that is just fine. Just think on it for a moment. Everything you’ve ever created; that which has started as an idea and has been brought into the physical world, has never been perfect the first time. Every essay in school and every love letter and every post on social media started as a rough draft. If you’ve played sports or competed in some capacity, you know that you have a preseason to practice all the skills you’ve learn over the off season to see how you perform under the stress of actual competition. You are allowed a few games to tune and tweak your plays and techniques to ensure that when the season begins you are at your optimal capacity to win. Even then when the season begins you’re allowed to lose a few times and learn even more about your game before you’re out of the running to be in a championship. There needs to be a time when you put yourself to the test and learn from all you’ve done right and wrong.  Regrettably though, along the way in life we forget that all of life is like this. We need to allow ourselves to fail and make mistakes in order to learn the truest and most powerful lessons life has to teach us. The fact is we are too afraid to hold a mirror up to ourselves and see what the world sees. We are too concerned with failing or being embarrassed so we dare not expose ourselves that way. Or we want to be overnight success stories and can’t bare not to be if we try. But I offer to you all the great leaders of the world. Think of any house hold name like MLK or Einstein and remember that at one point they were just men with an idea. Ideas that were crazy ideas to the rest of the world at first. The reason we know their names is because they were bold enough to put themselves out there despite what the world thought of them and their ideas at the time. They gained their boldness because they knew they had something the world needed and or had to get it out there for their own sake. Most of these men and women failed and made mistakes countless times before succeeding. But all those failures meant nothing in comparison to the feeling or succeeding.  I encourage you dear friends to focus on how great you will feel when you succeed and let that be your light house through the storm of fear. Another fuel for procrastination is the fact we spend too much thinking of all the things we can do or should or would do and we overwhelm ourselves with options. Then we become so fear full to chose the wrong thing to start with that we choose nothing at all and that is the real failure. That is the moment when you take the real loss. Whether it be the right thing to start with or not, just start it. It is important to begin to set your plan in motion with no concern other then executing step one. It is crucial to take action. The reality is that no amount of planning or study can truly depict or predict how well or how poorly your venture will be. It should bring about excitement to put yourself out there because you will finally know one of two things. Either your product or service or idea is a good one or it isn’t.  And if it’s not, you now have gained precious feedback and find out what’s not good about it and change it. You will know for certain what you need to change instead of saying where you were before and wasting precious time wondering what would make your product or service perfect. Often times we procrastinate taking step one because we’re not convinced our ideas are great or that we can execute them perfectly. But procrastination is the killer of motivation. As entrepreneurs our greatest strength at the beginning is that we are motivated. We are motivated either by our needs or by our desires to change our lives. Taking action is the simplest concept but it’s simplicity shouldn’t suggest that it is easy otherwise everyone with an idea would be doing it. The best way to get off your butt and take action is to think about all you will gain from building your product or service. A very common practice at the early stages of a venture is to make a lot of to do lists and make extremely detailed business plans. The problem with too much planning is that it takes the fun out of everything and as entrepreneurs we need it to be fun. It has to be fun or else what’s the point of having your own business. Why would you leave a job that you hate to start a business that you hate? So in closing let’s recap what we’ve learned.

  • Procrastination kills Motivation
  • Allow yourself to suck and learn from it.
  • Don’t get it perfect just get it done
  • Stop thinking and do it
  • Keep it simple. Keep it fun.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

-Zig Ziglar

“im not telling you it’s going to be easy im telling you it’s going to be worth it”

-Art Williams




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4 years ago

Well said Roy! Really great, thought provocative information!

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