One of the ideas we had for this site was that we wanted to get rid of the “old” web and the need to type the “www” before the “” name.  Having been some years since I’ve done much web development I didn’t think much of it and simply set the site up in DNS (you can think of DNS as the card catalog for the internet).

A few days later I was wondering why we weren’t receiving any email, and upon troubleshooting realized that email (MX) also used the root records to find our mail server.  By my sending all the root domain traffic to our website it stopped our email from working!

Turns out (and it didn’t take long to find this from a search online) there are some other good technical reasons for keeping the old fashioned “www”, great article here:

What we ended up doing was to put in a redirect so you can still type “” in your device but it will silently redirect you to “” – neat!


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