Erik and I are dinosaurs when it comes to relevant IT, we started a web design company when we were 19 and coded html and css by hand in notepad, coded for flash when it was new prior to 2000, we were pioneers. Making money by making websites and we had no f’ing idea what we were doing. We stumbled into consulting which became more fruitful, and have had various websites we designed and managed for our companies and nonprofit, it was fun but always kind of a PITA.

Flash forward, we still love tech, but are so old we are starting fresh and with new eyes. We started the WordPress site and it is incredibly, unbelievably, irresistibly easy.

Make a site, hit install wordpress, done. Make users. done. Activate features. Done. Post and organize. Done and done. Increase security, google, read, install. Done. Literally seconds to minutes. 1-2 total hours of work and it is fully functional and beautiful. Ready for content. I am literally writing this post on my phone in 10 minutes waiting for a meeting to start. And here is the kicker, it looks and performs SO MUCH EASIER THAN ANYTHING WE HAND MADE. A total newb, like us can do it. You can too.

Don’t hesitate. Act now, while supplies last… and now for your previously scheduled program..

Amadeus, Amadeus – oh, oh, oh – Amadeus
Come and rock me Amadeus!…
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Erik Szewczyk
4 years ago

I agree!

I was slightly nostalgic today thinking on how in 2001 we spent the better part of a year building a ColdFusion based content management system (and then re-built it in PHP shortly thereafter).  Then there was the whole aspect of running servers, and hosting, operations, etc…we got out of the web hosting business by 2003.

Nowadays, it’s all cloud hosted (in FreeLearner’s case Azure PaaS) with WordPress…much easier/faster nowadays so we can focus on the stuff that really matters – empowering you to learn and grow!

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