Trialing Bing Ads

I recently created a new Webmaster account with Microsoft and as part of the new account they gave me a $100 credit for Bing Ads.  I figured I would use FreeLearner to trial out the capabilities and show you all a bit of what it looks like.

What our Bing Ad looked like
What our Bing Ad looked like

Initial Observations

  • It’s super easy to setup, I had it setup and configured inside of 15 minutes (and 10 of those minutes was me considering the keywords to use
  • It drives traffic to your sites quickly, as you’ll see below within just a few minutes of enabling it I was able to watch traffic hitting our site in real-time
  • And it should go without saying but I figure I would get asked the question so I’ll answer it now – if your site is supported by advertising (as ours is) then don’t expect the traffic you bring to your site with advertising to generate enough advertising revenue to pay for the ads (this is not a perpetual motion machine after all)
  • It doesn’t just bring in traffic from Microsoft sites, as you’ll see below we got traffic from a number of sources (including Google and Yahoo) as the ad industry syndicates all over the place

Diving into the Details

For keywords I picked things related to the general concepts of FreeLearner, as well as some items that aligned with recent posts.  I ran the campaign for 2 days, with a quota of $20/day, not restricting the audience by location and both days burned through the quota in a little over an hour.  Combined this generated a little over 12,000 impressions (where the ad was displayed on a page) and this resulted in just under 100 clicks.

Impression and Click volume
Impression and Click volume

That’s about 1 click per every 120 impressions, now one can assume this would have been higher if I had been more targeted in the audience or specific in the keywords, but for this trial I decided to keep it pretty open ended.  Here are the detailed results:

Keywords and Results
Keywords and Results

In terms of what that looked like from the site’s perspective I used the Google Analytics data to look at the session acquisition during that period of time.  As I mentioned above what I saw during this time was a pretty broad set of referring sites:

Site Traffic Observed
Site Traffic Observed

One thing I did really like was how quickly Bing steered the traffic to our site.  The experience I had both times was to enable the campaign and both times it was less than a minute before I saw an increase in traffic coming in on Google Analytics’ “Real-Time” page.

Now I mentioned that we do advertising on our site to try and generate a little revenue (and it’s not enough to offset our costs).  In terms of how much ad revenue our site generated during these periods of times it was about $0.01 – back to my comment above clearly that’s a terrible ROI for the $40 of credit I had to use to get that traffic!

I’m going to continue playing around with Bing Ads, I hope you find this view of my experience to be helpful.  If you did find this helpful, or you have questions or comments please use the section below to let us know.


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