DUMVOIN Surface Pro Adaptor Review

I’ve been using the Microsoft Surface Pro for a few years now (first the 3, then the 4) but I have a recurring issue where if the device is low on power and needs charging at the same time my phone is low and needs charging and I plug them in at the same time it occasionally overloads the OEM adaptor causing it to shut down.  Until now I hadn’t replaced the adaptor with something else as I was waiting for a good option that included more than one USB charging ports and supported faster charging such as Qualcomm’s Quick Charge or in the case of my current smartphone (Samsung Galaxy s8) Fast Charging.

The product I ended up selecting I had my eyes on for a while, but it had some really bad reviews on Amazon, is made by a company called Dumvoin (Taiwan based) so I avoided it for some time.  Last week I decided that it was worth the low $25 price to give it a shot anyway.

The reason I selected this product is that it was small enough to fit comfortably in my travel bag and had 2 quick charging ports.

Given the low reviews on Amazon I felt a few of you would like to see something more comprehensive and objective (I was not compensated in any way to write this review, though clicking on our affiliate links would be appreciated).

First the verdict – I’m giving this 3 stars on Amazon out of 5, or if this was a grade I would give it a “C”.  Simple reason is that it does what it’s supposed to do, but they could have done so much better in putting together the product.  Read on for why!


  • QC and FC ports work exactly as advertised
  • Good size/shape


  • It buzzes, it’s not loud but it’s noticeable when you’re in a quiet room.
  • Dumvoin, the name alone is probably losing these guys sales.  I’m going to assume that it means something to someone back in the home designer’s country – but in the American market you need to pick a name that exudes quality (and perhaps not similar to the word “dumb”).  I’m expecting it’s only a matter of time before I find myself in a meeting and I get the question “what kind of name is that?”
  • The charging light is always on, unlike the OEM adapter where it’s only on when actually charging – this may seem trivial but with a magnetic connector I would argue that it’s important to have good positive feedback that charging is occurring else you could end up thinking you’re charging when you’re actually not (see the picture to the right for how easy this is).
  • Build quality: This generally feels fairly cheap, especially on the connector itself.  I added a few pictures, but it’s just as obvious in how the product feels.


I do have good news in that two of the biggest complaints I saw on the Amazon reviews was that this “gets hot” and “charges slow”.  I have never seen this get excessively hot, even when charging multiple devices (in fact as you’ll see below in my tests it runs cooler than the OEM adaptor).  On speed I ran a test with 2 Surface Pro 4s starting at the same charge and logged the speed of the charging, the results were that charging occurred at the same rate as the OEM adaptor.  If you think about it this makes sense, if they’re both rated at 12v at 2.58Amps then they’re both going to be pushing the same 30.91 watts.  Now I would argue that this should be higher/faster in general, but my point here is that you should see charging occur at the same rate.

Power Adaptor Charging Data
Power Adaptor Charging Data

Anyway, hope you find this helpful!


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