Witnessing the 2017 Eclipse in the Malheur National Forest (near John Day) Oregon

Watch the video here:

I hope you enjoyed the video.  This was an amazing life experience, and while the video turned out reasonably well it doesn’t reflect but 1/10th of the awesomeness of the experience.  It was so amazing that without any good explanation for why I started whispering like I was in a church during totality (even though we were in the middle of the forest and the closest people were 1/4 mile away) and my wife, Susan, started crying – it was that good!

I’ve heard others say that experiencing this in person is vastly better than viewing a video and to this I can attest.  I’d go as far as to say that the difference is like having your first kiss versus having someone describe it to you – yes in person it really was that good!

What you cant see in the video is that the sky is an amazingly deep blue and the horizon looks like sunset all around.  Just before and just after the whole landscape had an earie low-light look which played with our senses as we’re not used the world being lit in such a way.  Minutes before the forest went silent, from constant bird calls and insect noises normal for an August to nothing more than the sound of the breeze.  It was a completely overwhelming experience.

The location we were at, and this video was taken, was in the Malheur National Forest.  We intentionally picked this location as it was in the path of totality but would be sufficiently far enough away from any major population center that we could enjoy this as a family rather than in a big crowd.  If you’ve never been dispersed camping on our wonderful National Forest or BLM lands then you need to get out there!


Planning our next eclipse visit for 2024, come join us there!


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